Watch Nancy Pelosi Completely Blow Off Nagging Questions About Shady Stock Trades She And/Or Her Husband Have Made

Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is in hot water over her husband’s multi-million dollar stock trade. Recently, Paul Pelosi — a heavyweight in the venture capitalist industry who last month crashed his car and was charged with DUI — bought between $1 and $5 million worth of stock in Nvidia, a tech company that manufactures computer chips, on June 17th. That purchase came right before a Senate meeting scheduled for later this week where a bipartisan bill to support semiconductor manufacturing in the U.S. is on the table. The bill would offer incentives like tax credits and grants for companies creating these chips using U.S. labor. The deal has proven to be extremely lucrative for the Pelosis.

When questioned today on whether her husband had any inside information on the bill that led to his stock purchase, Pelosi simply brushed the accusation off.

The stock grab has put a sour taste in voters’ mouths, especially since this isn’t the first time Pelosi’s investment portfolio has seemed a bit sketchy — there’s even a Twitter account dedicated to tracking her trades. Last year, Jacobin named Nancy Pelosi their “Wall Street Trader of the Year” noting how the Congresswoman’s wealth had grown by an estimated $16.7 million during the pandemic. At a time when people were struggling to survive, Pelosi’s portfolio was thriving and though dozens of members on Capitol Hill were being investigated for potentially violating federal law with their own suspicious trades, Pelosi seemed to shoot down any notion of a bill banning representatives from investing while in office. Additionally, she’s been dodging questions about her and her husband’s stock trades for years, as evidenced in this old 60 Minutes clip.

“We are a free-market economy,” Pelosi told reporters last year when asked about the ethics of people in Congress investing in the stock market. “They should be able to participate in that.”

Everyone from Sen. Jon Ossoff to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer have come out to support a stock trading ban, even getting Republicans to endorse certain measures, but no bill has yet to make it to the floor. And now, people are beginning to wonder if Pelosi’s own investments in the stock market are to blame.

“The people who control the calendar don’t want to bring it to the floor,” Virginia Rep. Abigail Spanberger said. “The people who control committees of jurisdiction don’t want to bring it to the floor.”

That all said, Pelosi’s shady stock trading seem to be one of the few things these days that is uniting people on both the left and the right.

(Via Yahoo! News)

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