Cafemutual launches Passives research desk — a one stop news and research platform for index funds and ETFs

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Passives have become an essential part of asset allocation. Their simple and low-cost structure make them a better alternative in certain scenarios compared to their active peers.

But the rising popularity of passive funds has brought forth one issue — identifying the best fund from a sea of offerings. As of now, there are over 215 passive funds tracking around 90 indices. The choice becomes extremely difficult in categories like Nifty50, Nifty Next50 and Sensex which are offered by majority of fund houses.

Cafemutual has come out with a solution to this issue. Our team has collated data from across sources to give you a comprehensive look at the performances of every passive fund, thus easing your job of selecting right passive funds for your clients.

The data comprises returns of ETFs and index funds for the last five years, tracking error, tracking difference, impact cost and so on.

In addition, we have launched a separate ‘tab’ in our website for passive-related news and reports.

“Passive is the new frontier for all of us. Mutual funds are already launching index funds and ETFs on a priority basis. Even MFDs and RIAs are warming up these schemes. Our research shows that every 7 out of 10 MFDs have started recommending passives to clients. Given this scenario, we felt that the industry needs a go-to platform for passive-related news and data. This new initiative is an effort in that direction,” said Prem Khatri, Founder and CEO, Cafemutual.

Take a look at index fund and ETF data by clicking here.

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