As Wells Fargo & Company's (NYSE:WFC)) market cap dropped by US$13b, insiders who sold US$1.0m worth of stock were able to offset their losses

The Wall Street Journal

Fight Over Joe Manchin’s Permitting Overhaul Clouds Stopgap Funding Bill Outlook

WASHINGTON—Senate Democrats are expected to move forward next week on a short-term funding bill that would prevent a government shutdown but faces uncertain prospects because it contains a contentious proposal to speed up the permitting process for energy projects. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) took the first step to prevent the shutdown on Thursday by advancing a House bill that will be used as the vehicle for a short-term continuing resolution, known as a CR, that will extend current funding levels until mid-December. Senate lawmakers are expected to reconvene on Tuesday and could vote on advancing that resolution that evening.

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