Novak Djokovic makes retirement vow in direct challenge to closest rivals at Laver Cup

“Obviously that’s different. So I am adjusting my scheduling much, much more, you know. I’m not playing as much as I played few years ago. I want to peak at the best tournaments, biggest tournaments in the world, which are Grand Slams and some of the biggest ATP events, playing for my country.

“That’s what gives me the most motivation and inspires me to play the best tennis. I really want to keep going. I don’t have the ending of my career on the horizon at the moment. I can’t give you a number of years. I don’t know.

“Depends how good are these guys and how much they are pushing me, Rafa, now that Roger has ended his career. But, look, right now I don’t feel also so comfortable talking about myself. You know, it’s really, everything these days is about Roger and what he has achieved.

“It’s a sad day, sad moment for tennis and sport in general to see him leave, but the way it all happened yesterday, I think it’s a perfect way to say good-bye.”

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