At 46, it’s good to stay invested in stock market

Q: I am 46. and I have some cash to invest. I have no debt and a nice 401(k). I am currently investing in index funds on a monthly basis. How should I invest? – R.J., Winter Garden

A: You are young, so I would consider staying in the stock market. For diversification, pick two or three funds in different sectors that might include value, growth, mid- and small-company funds. – Gregg Collier


Q: If I make a contribution to charity from my IRA as a Qualified Charitable Distribution, can I deduct it as an itemized deduction on my tax return? – L.B., Lake Mary

A: No, you cannot deduct a Qualified Charitable Distribution because you do not include the QCD amount as income on your tax return. Excluding the distribution from income is generally preferable to recognizing the income and then taking a partial charitable deduction. – Chris Toadvine


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