Weekly Indicators: Volatility With Many Indicators 'On The Cusp'

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I look at the high frequency weekly indicators because while they can be very noisy, they provide a good nowcast of the economy, and will telegraph the maintenance or change in the economy well before monthly or quarterly data

Long Leading Indicators Positive Neutral Negative
Corporate bonds
10 year Treasury
10 yr-2 yr Treasury
10 yr-3mo Treasury

2 yr- Fed funds

Mortgage rates
Purchase Mtg. Apps.
Refi Mtg Apps.
Real Estate Loans
Real M1
Real M2
Corporate Profits
Adj. Fin. Conditions Index X
Leverage Index
Totals: 1 1 12

Short Leading Indicators Positive Neutral Negative
Credit Spread
Miller Score
St. L. Fin. Stress Index
US$ Broad
US$ Major currencies
Total commodities
Industrial commodities
Stock prices
Regional Fed New Orders
Initial jobless claims
Temporary staffing
Gas prices
Oil prices
Gas Usage
Totals: 1 6 7

Coincident Indicators Positive Neutral Negative
Weekly Econ. Index
Open Table x
Redbook x
Rail X
Tax Withholding X
Financial Cond. Index
Totals: 1 5 5