ASK IRA: Could it be as simple as the Celtics are better than the Heat?

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Q: I hope the Heat come out with more on Saturday. They sure didn’t have in Game 5. They quit on the game. — Roland, Borrego Springs, Calif.

A: You certainly can say many things about how it went Thursday night in Boston. But the Heat quitting on the game was not one of them. The Celtics are good — No. 2 seed good. Second-best-regular-season-record good — capable of a significant comeback the previous round against the 76ers. Because the Celtics looked so bad in the series’ first three games, particularly in Game 3, the perspective was skewed. The Celtics are the more talented team. And the Heat are shorthanded, something they had managed to mask in the absences of Tyler Herro and Victor Oladipo. But with Gabe Vincent missing Thursday night’s game, it became too much to overcome. Put it this way: If someone had told you the Heat would have been up 3-2 against the Celtics going into a Game 6 in Miami would you have taken it? This is the equity built over the series’ first three games. Now, in a postseason of special moments, one more is needed.

Q: Kyle Lowry was a turnover machine. And nothing more. – Mike.

A: No, Kyle did not look good, did not look like the spark off the bench he had been so often this postseason. Perhaps now it is even clearer why Erik Spoelstra stuck with Gabe Vincent even when Kyle pushed past his knee soreness. And not only did Kyle not contribute on offense, but he lacks the footspeed when the Heat go to zone. Gabe’s left ankle could hold this series in the balance, at least when it comes to the Heat being able to put their best foot forward at point guard.

Q: I dread to think about Game 7 in Boston. – Steve.

A: So should the Heat. I’m not sure I’ve experienced an arena as loud as early as what was offered Thursday night at TD Garden. By a Game 7, all momentum will have swung, against an opponent that had a Game 7 home blowout the previous round. Saturday. Is. The. Season. (Seemingly.)

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