9 Best Cryptocurrencies on Reddit to Invest in 2023

Reddit has, over the years, become the go-to platform when it comes to analyzing the performance of a cryptocurrency. The platform allows investors to give their opinions about a coin and their predictions for years to come based on the current performance.

While the answers might not always turn out to be accurate, they still give a user a precise overview of what to expect from a promising crypto. According to Reddit users, the crypto projects set to explode in 2023 are Meta Masters Guild, Fight Out, C+Charge, RobotEra, and Calvaria. Read on to discover their excellent utilities. 

reddit crypto

reddit crypto

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Nine Best Tokens to Invest in According to Reddit – Quick Outline 

Here is the compiled list of 9 best cryptocurrencies on Reddit to invest in 2022:

  1. Meta Masters Guild: The best play-and-earn gaming platform
  2. Fight Out: An excellent fitness platform with earning opportunities
  3. C+Charge: A top-notch green crypto platform with eco-friendly features
  4. RobotEra (TARO):Profitable Metaverse Token Set in a Robotic Universe
  5. Calvaria (RIA): Top Blockchain Trading Card Game With Huge Growth Potential
  6. Pancakeswap (CAKE): The Most Popular DEX On Reddit
  7. Bancor (BNT): High-Ranked Defi Protocol Trading On Discount 
  8. NEAR Protocol (NEAR): A Blockchain Network With Institutional Backing
  9. Defi Coin (DEFC): Top Defi Token With Passive Income Potential

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG)

Meta Masters Guild is a new crypto platform ready to deliver excellent gaming sessions to mobile users. By adopting a play-and-earn model, Meta Masters Guild will focus on providing quality mobile games and sustainably rewarding players in its ecosystem.

The game’s rewards are in GEMS and later converted to MEMAG tokens to trade digital assets between players. The MEMAG token drives the Meta Masters Guild platform and is available at a lower price via its presale event.



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Fight Out (FGHT)

Fight Out is a move-to-earn fitness platform that ensures you stay physically fit to handle other life’s important tasks. In contrast to traditional gyms that are expensive and offer little incentives, Fight Out offers no barrier to entry. You earn crypto rewards as you engage in specialized workouts provided by the platform.

You earn in REPS as you accomplish a fitness goal or complete a workout routine. These earned REPS are used to purchase training gear and equipment, access membership discounts, and enjoy the platform’s health bar and co-working space.

Fight Out’s native token is FGHT, an ERC-20 token, which you can use to purchase more REPS and engage in the platform’s metaverse. Fight Out is sure to dominate the fitness space, and it is beneficial for you to get involved in its developmental stages via its presale event.

fight out (FGHT)

fight out (FGHT)

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C+Charge (CCHG)

C+Charge is an effective carbon offset platform that provides a standard peer-to-peer payment system for global Electric Vehicle charging stations. This platform also offers incentives to EV drivers for their eco-friendly efforts.

When you (as an EV driver) charge your electric car at affiliated charging stations, you pay via C+Charge token, CCHG, and earn carbon credits. Interestingly, transacted CCHG is removed from circulation, thus reducing the supply and potentially increasing the demand for this token.  

So, scooping up some amounts of CCHG tokens in its ongoing presale is imperative to enjoy its fascinating utilities and huge investment returns in the future. C+Charge is ready to deliver, and you should take advantage of its investment opportunities. 



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RobotEra (TARO)

Want to know what the world will look like if robots ever take over? Well, the new Metaverse-based crypto platform RobotEra can show you just that. According to analysts, RobotEra could be one of the most profitable Metaverse projects in 2023 due to its innovative features and the exciting multiverse that will include both P2E and PVP gaming opportunities.

The world is similar to the Sandbox, and there will be a variety of museums, concert halls, theme parks, and cities. However, RobotEra also introduces seven continents and offers users many more navigation choices.

Players will mint robotic avatars (NFTs) to join the game and can later build robotic companions to help them automate specific tasks like mining. One of the main ways to earn money is through land trading, but there are other monetization options such as brand advertising, staking digital assets, etc. The game will be powered by TARO, which can now be purchased at a discount on the ongoing presale. 



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Calvaria (RIA)

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is a blockchain trading card game designed for mass adoption. It will launch in a few months with excellent token utilization and Play-to-Earn (P2E) mechanics. Namely, players will have to stake their RIA tokens before entering a match, and if they win, they get all tokens back along with the ones staked by the opponent.

However, a free version of the game is also available in the Play Store. It looks and feels almost the same as the P2E version but without any tokens, staking, or rewards. The free version will keep informing players about the many benefits of the blockchain game to motivate them to adopt new technologies and earn tokens while playing. 



Pancakeswap (CAKE)

Pancakeswap has, over the years, climbed to the top of the list of coins on the Binance Smart Chain. This feat highlights how high investors think of the project. 

The Cake token grants investors the liberty to govern the community, farm liquidity, provide tickets, and earn rewards. These features and many others make the Cake token popular among Reddit users. 



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Bancour (BNT) 

Bancour is another high ranker on the Reddit platform. These project banks on their ability to provide partial or full compensation for investors in a situation whereby they lose funds. Crypto traders are utilizing this rare benefit, which should be a part of your investment plan.

NEAR Protocol (NEAR)

While many cryptos are in oblivion after the June 2022 crypto loss, NEAR Protocol has gone about 55% higher. This result has again pushed the coin to the limelight among Reddit users.

The NEAR project is one of the fastest cryptocurrencies, boosting a transaction rate of about 100,000 per second. Looking forward, NEAR Protocol has gained more attention in recent months, and we expect it to continue in years to follow.

Defi Coin (DEFC)

Within the DeFi niche, the Defi Coin is arguably one of the best investments you can make. The DEFC, a native token of the Defi coin community, provides users with amazing benefits, which include token swapping, static reward, and Liquidity pool. 

With the coin now extremely undervalued, Reddit users are taking advantage of the coin’s low price. It is expected that the DEFC coin will continue developing and witness a huge price rise.



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Bottom Line

Every crypto investor understands the market’s volatility and, thus, seeks a haven. Recently, Reddit has been one of the popular websites where deep analysis of crypto projects can be found and where you can go for some solid investment advice. 

No doubt, the cryptos discussed in these piece are feature-rich and have the potential to give investors impressive gains in 2023. It is also important to note that some of these crypto projects, such as Meta Masters Guild, Fight Out, C+Charge, and RobotEra are conducting their Intial Coin Offerings (ICOs). Therefore, you should get involved with these projects before they conclude their presale events.