EVERGENT Investments takes a credit facility to capitalize on market opportunities

EVERGENT Investments informs the shareholders and investors that it is carefully following the opportunities of this economic cycle marked by increased volatility.

For this purpose, in compliance with the legal provisions and the Memorandum of Association, the company signed with Banca Comercială Română a “revolving” credit agreement in the form of an overdraft, for a period of 12 months, in a maximum amount of EUR 19.2 million.

The solid financial position and highly liquid cash flows give EVERGENT Investments the freedom to invest in companies with the best long-term growth prospects (attractive and defensive dividends to inflation and high interest rates).

In line with the investment policy, EVERGENT Investments continues to pay special attention to companies from the energy and financial-banking sectors, but it also analyzes with interest companies with technology for clean resources, cyber-IT security and research, with a high development component.

By taking the credit facility, we enhanced the right mix of resources, here I mean professionals, capital, investment and risk processes, in order to continue obtaining the best possible results for our shareholders.” – Claudiu Doroș, President and CEO.