It Might Be a Good Time to Start Investing in Bananas

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I have said it before, in fact I recently wrote a column about it (read it here), that 2024 might be the most important election in American history. I am more convinced of that as every day passes. Historians use the term “watershed,” an event so important that it literally changes the future. America hasn’t fully turned the corner—yet. But if Biden wins this year, historians of the future may indeed point to 2024 as a “watershed” year, though history is always a process, not an event.  


Joe Biden, in a recent speech, called the current illegal immigrants in America “voters,” and said that speaking Spanish is America’s “future.” If he wins the 2024 election, he may be right on both counts. But what Biden actually did was be honest about the intent of the whole illegal immigration policy. Two points.

Intelligent Americans have long known that a major purpose of allowing massive numbers of illegals into the country is to eventually make Democratic Party voters out of them. Democratic cities and states are shelling out massive amounts of taxpayer money to these people, and nobody is going to bite the hand that feeds them. Thirty to 50 million more Democratic Party voters (the number that will surely be in the country by 2028 if Biden wins this year), will definitely aid the Democrats and probably turn some red states blue. That translates into political power for the Democratic Party as far into the future as foreseeable. That’s purpose number one for blatantly lying to the American people about how “secure” the southern border is. But Democrats are totally amoral, have no consciences whatsoever, and just like the Stalins and Maos of the world, will say or do anything to gain and hold political power. That’s Leftism.  Pure evil.

Biden’s second point, that speaking Spanish is America’s “future,” clearly demonstrates the Left’s hatred of traditional America. They are trying to change America because they hate the country. “White supremacy” is the greatest “terrorist” threat America faces, Donald Trump is Adolf Hitler, our Founding Fathers were “elitists” concerned only for their own well-being, etc.—all of this is basic Democratic Party doctrine today. They despise America, and they want it transformed. Turn America into a banana republic like most Latin American countries. That’s the second goal enunciated by Biden—destroy traditional America.



Leftists call those who oppose illegal immigration “racist,” but I couldn’t care less what they think. What I said is not racist, it’s just facts, and facts aren’t racist. Most Latin American countries are very poor and overrun with poverty. That is one reason why so many of their people are trying to escape and come to America. Rather than staying home and fixing their own problems, they flee to America and try to live off you and me. Some of them are no doubt honorable and want to find a job to support their families. But far too many aren’t. The evidence is overwhelming that countless illegals are criminals, sponges, and parasites, and those are the reasons we don’t want them here. They aren’t self-sufficient and they don’t take care of themselves. That’s a major reason their own countries are so intolerable, and Leftists in America certainly wouldn’t want to live in any of them. But the Leftist doesn’t mind importing them to America, importing the very people who helped cause the problems in their own country and who refuse to stay and resolve them. Those are EXACTLY the kinds of people Biden and the Democrats want in America because it is the kind of people they can control: people who don’t know what true freedom is, people in poverty, people who will do what they are told, people who won’t fight back. The kind of people Xi Jinping has in China.      

I do not in any shape, form, or fashion oppose LEGAL immigration to America. I would be a hypocrite if I did. I live in a foreign country. I “immigrated” to Thailand legally. I have no current intentions of becoming a citizen of Thailand, but I do plan to live here a little while longer. I don’t sponge off the Thailand government (taxpayers); no Thailand government agency gives me one Thailand baht. I pay my own way, and indeed, by buying goods and paying sales taxes, I am contributing to the economy of Thailand—with my own money. That is what every immigrant to any country should do: provide a positive contribution to the nation that lets him/her live there, not be a parasite off the citizens who allow him/her to share their streets.


Many past American immigrants have indeed made positive contributions to the country, and perhaps some of the illegal immigrants who are going to America now are doing that, or plan to. But they are still breaking the law right now and should be removed from the country until they can go through the legal processes (as I did before coming to Thailand) to enter America legally. I do not oppose LEGAL immigration. I oppose ILLEGAL immigration.  As every intelligent country in the world is now doing and has done in the past, I want America to protect its borders, and control and regulate immigration for the well-being of the nation, and so that American taxpayers will not be burdened with subsidizing illegal and slothful behavior. But that doesn’t fit the plans of Joe Biden and the Democratic Party, a group of people who give more and more evidence, as every day passes, that they utterly despise the United States of America, the country that has given them the greatest wealth and privileges of any country in human history. What an utterly despicable, ungrateful bunch of rodents the Democrats are.

If Biden wins this year, I suggest you invest in bananas because America will soon be that kind of republic.

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