Concern over new trade war weighs on US farmers again

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GIVEN the huge impact of the previous China-United States trade war on American farmers, concerns over a new trade war seems to have haunted the market sentiment these days. Regardless of the outcome of the US’ election in November, the stance of Chinese soybean importers toward the US’ trade war with China has always been clear and firm. Chinese buyers have always prioritized a stable supply chain and fair environment in international trade. If the new administration of the US chooses to continue or escalate the trade war, it is possible that US soybean exports could be affected, as Chinese buyers will need to reevaluate their import portfolio and seek out alternative sources of soybean supplies.

China, the world’s biggest soybean importer, is likely to import record volumes of soybean in July, securing higher volumes in recent weeks, Reuters reported on July 1.

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