Mutual fund industry's milestones in June: From record equity inflows to hybrid funds hitting all-time high

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In June 2024, the Indian mutual fund industry achieved new milestones. According to research by the Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI), the industry’s assets surged to ₹61.16 lakh crore, driven by substantial net inflows across various fund categories.

The number of folios crossed the 19 crore mark.

Equity funds

Equity mutual funds witnessed an all-time high monthly inflow of approximately ₹40,608 crore.

Sectoral and thematic funds led the charge with record inflows of ₹22,351 crore, largely due to new fund offerings (NFOs) in different sectors.

Total assets under equity funds reached ₹27.68 lakh crore, accounting for 45% of the industry’s total assets, AMFI said.

Debt funds

Despite outflows from debt mutual funds in June, primarily driven by quarter-end obligations for advance tax payments by corporates and banks, long-duration funds continued to attract net inflows.

Liquid funds recorded reduced outflows of ₹80,354 crore compared to the previous quarter-end, according to AMFI.

Hybrid funds

Assets under hybrid funds reached a new high of ₹8.09 lakh crore, supported by inflows of ₹8,855 crore during the month.

Arbitrage and multi-asset allocation funds accounted for a significant 82% of the category’s inflows.

Passive funds

Passive funds surged to a record high of ₹10.48 lakh crore, constituting 17% of the industry’s assets.

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) specifically saw assets reach ₹7.44 lakh crore, representing 71% of the passive segment’s total assets.

SIP trend

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) flows peaked at an all-time high of ₹21,262 crore in June, with SIP accounts totaling 8.99 crore.

SIPs now constitute approximately 20% of the industry’s total assets.