Mutual Funds Investing: How to invest in Mutual Funds, How to select and sell by Financial Coach

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Mutual Funds Investing is one of the most popular options for investing. Be it for growing wealth or saving taxes, Mutual Funds have been one of the most sought-after by investors in recent times. But only a few know how to invest in the right Mutual Funds. In this episode of Money Matters, Certified Financial Planner Kamal Jeswani in conversation with Mid-day’s Katyayani Kapoor, talks about what is mutual fund, how to invest in mutual fund, how to select the mutual fund and when to sell mutual fund. No matter if you are a beginner who is looking to begin investing with Mutual Funds or you are already a Mutual Fund investor looking to grow your wealth, this video will help you invest in Mutual Funds in the right way.